Knitted Bookworm

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Finishing up!

Hope to have a picture of my completed 22.5 degree scarf in the next couple of days. All it needs is a soft blocking and it will be done. Making progress on the greyhound sweater...needs to be finished by Friday!!!! (The one I made for my favorite greyhound is shown in this picture.) I do have a knitting afternoon scheduled after school one day this week, so maybe I'll be able to make my deadline. Started a new 22.5 degree scarf with some lovely variegated yarn, then decided I didn't like it. Wound some other sock yarn (I seem to have quite a lot to choose from!) and realized that I really wanted to use a larger needle on it. Wouldn't you know, I don't have that size! Gave up looking in stores around here and just ordered from KnitPicks. As you might imagine, I ended up ordering a few more things, too! At least this gives the dog sweater more time!

Have decided, with two other MSU fan teachers, to institute "Maroon Mondays" at school this fall to show support for our DAWGS. We wear our school shirts on Fridays, so we can't participate in the "Maroon Fridays" that other fans support. I'm so excited about Saturday's game, and food, and friends...not necessarily in that order!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Back to school

Well, my good intentions didn't last very long! School has started again, and the free time has all but disappeared! I'm continuing to knit on several things. My favorite is a triangular scarf out of beautiful hand dyed sock yarn. I'm approaching the end on that.

I'm finishing up on a short sleeved, top-down, T-shirt. Just have the remainder of one sleeve to do. I'm planning to wear it to school after the 100 degree temps die down.

My third project, that sits next to my knitting chair, is a lovely blue and white sweater for a greyhound. I'm making it for a silent auction for the Nashville Greyhound Association in September. Boy, is the neck loooong on this sweater! I like having several projects going at once, especially if the needle size is different. Seems to give my hands a break to change from size 1 to size 6 every now and then.

Football season starts soon, and you know what that means? Lots of uninterrupted knitting time on the 2.5 hr. drives to the games! I can hardly wait for football, knitting, tailgating, good food, and especially good friends. Come on, September, and GO DAWGS!