Knitted Bookworm

Monday, August 27, 2007

Sock it to me progress

Are these for you? I finally decided on the pattern (third time was the charm!) and things are going well. The picture shows the pattern, Hedera by Cookie A, but not my progress...I'm almost to the toe decrease of sock #1. What took so much time was the trips to the frog pond! Current sock is try #4 from the beginning. It's going like wildfire now. So...if you like pink and lacy socks, these could be for you!

My favorite yarn...hmmmmm

It takes quite a bit of thinking to decide which is my favorite yarn, but I've decided that I have to vote for Koigu. Whenever i knit with it, the socks just seem to fly off the needles, and it feels soooo good in my hands. Of course, wearing socks made out of Koigu feel really wonderful, too! I think what I like about it the most is the smooth finish it has and the fact that it doesn't split. Here's a picture of a pair I made for daughter #2, although the picture isn't the greatest!

I'm always on the lookout for new sock yarn, but I keep coming back to this!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Socks off to Tasmania

FedEx is trying to link up with my Sockapalooza pal in Tasmania...hope they find each other soon! I guess it's safe to show the socks I sent to Amanda J...

The pattern is Diana's Trail Socks from Mountain Colors. It was simple to knit, but has lots of comfort built into the ribbed arch and the added cushiness of the yarn (Weaver's Wool Quarters). My pal wears boots a lot, and I'm hoping that she'll like the way these socks fit and feel when walking or hiking. I'm thinking of knitting some for myself for winter, except that it's a little hard to think of cold weather right now!

I also finished another pair of socks recently...from Koigu that I received at Christmas. I used a slipped stitch pattern, and I love how it highlights the beautiful yarn. Why isn't it cool enough to wear socks???????

Sockapalooza deluxe!

Look what came in the mail from Micki...the socks are absolutely wonderful! I must apologize for waiting so long to post that I received my Sockapalooza package, but school has started and the days are just not long enough to do half of what needs to be done. It does slow down in another couple of weeks, but right now it is all I can do eat dinner before I fall asleep. Back to the socks...they are just beautiful with the most even, flat stitches you can imagine (mine are always lumpy, somehow!). They fit perfectly, and I would wear them today if it weren't 100+ degrees for the eight day in a row! That has made outside duty at school a pretty sweaty ordeal lately. Micki also sent some lovely hand made soap, Jelly Bellies, and beautiful, hand-dyed "shades of green" sock yarn.

Trust my pal to encourage me to cast on another new sock! Thanks, Micki, for everything. You're the best!